Support the ‘Save our Homecare’ Campaign Today!


We are Supporting the ‘Save our Homecare’ campaign

This campaign is driven by the UKHCA and its main aim is to protect homecare services in the UK. Signing up to the petition will be in support of additional funding to support people receiving care at home and to enable their support staff to be fairly paid for the hard work and commitment they give in supporting and caring for others.

Ahead of the campaign Bridget Warr, UKHCA Chief Executive, said: “Almost a million people a year across the country need support to maintain their independence at home, but state-funded care is in crisis. If action isn’t taken now, the already chronic funding gap will deepen – putting these vital frontline services at risk. Worryingly, this means people may not get the support they require at home and the stretched NHS will face more pressure.”

Sign the Petition ‘Save our Homecare’

If the “Save our Homecare” petition can get up to 100,000 votes then it will be considered for a parliamentary debate

Appletree are in support of this and encourage all to sign up to this.

To sign up and/or read the response online, see: