Our Assessments and Paperwork


  • Outcome Based Assessments
  • Depending on the needs of your child or young person , one of our team will visit your home to carry out an outcome based assessment with you and your family. This will be tailor made to your needs and will be outcome driven.
  • All our planning processes are client centred and offer comprehensive risk assessments in all required areas of need.

  • What is an outcome assessment?
    • Often assessments simply describe what or how often something is going to happen, or how often, but this is not an outcome. The outcome is the end result of what happens. It is why something is being done, and how it’s success is measured. We aim for all our care assessments to have underpinning outcomes that are at the centre of the child and young persons development and wellbeing . Working together with your family, we are able to create, review and maintain these outcomes.
    • Every child and young person is an individual in their own right. No two assessments are ever the same. We always strive to achieve individuality and personalisation in the care and support we offer.

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Appletree Support’s Promise

Promoting Independence and Choice we pride ourselves on offering care and support to disabled children and young people from dedicated and highly motivated PA and Care Team.

“The Buddy scheme has been excellent for my son, offering a person he could talk to, joke with and have as a friend when friendship is not something he usually has”

Mr J Portsmouth